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Postdoctoral Position Available

May 30 2016: Postdoctoral position available immediately

   A Postdoctoral position is available in the Brain and Mind Research Institute Weill Cornell Medical College to study energy metabolism of inducible human stem cells in the laboratory of Dr. Anatoly Starkov.
More details on the project can be found here 
A successful candidate will have recently completed Ph.D. be proactive, have good command of English and excellent communication skills. In addition to standard biochemical laboratory techniques, an applicant must have proven skills in cell culture procedures and basic molecular biology (cell culture maintenance, transfection, QPCR). A background in mitochondria research is preferable, as the project requires knowledge of the mitochondria energy metabolism. Some confocal imaging experience is a big plus.
The Brain and Mind Research Institute is a highly collaborative environment. We are located in Manhattan, New York City. Please send a CV, a paragraph on current and future research interests and contact information for references to

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    "More midi-chlorians than me Anakin Skywalker has...". Was he really talking about mitochondria, our  "sub-microscopical endosymbiots" living in cells? This section provides  a few protocols to measure the activity of mitochondrial enzymes.

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